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 LARS MARKETING is one of the leading name in electronic high precision balances business. We are authorized dealers of  ‘Sartorius Weighing India  (I) Pvt.Ltd.’, Banglore (A German MNC), ‘CAS Weighing (I) Pvt.Ltd.’, Gurgaon (A Korean MNC), 'DIGI Systems Gurgaon Pvt Ltd.', (A Japanese MNC), 'Essae Teraoka Ltd.', Bangalore & 'Innovative Systems', Noida for their ‘Sartorius’, ‘CAS’,'DIGI', 'Essae & ‘Innsys’ make of electronic weighing scales. We also make precision balance in our Brand name- “Weighdot”

 We have been dealing in Electronic Weighing Scales for last 20 years and have supplied the same to various Jewellers, Industries and Govt. Institutions. Lars Marketing has more than 15,000 successful installations in Delhi, NCR & North India.We remained authorized dealer of ‘M/s Adair Dutt & Co. Pvt. Ltd.’ for their ‘Adair Dutt’ make balances for a period from 1990 to 2002. M/s Adair Dutt & Co. Pvt. Ltd were representing Chyo (YMC Co, Japan) and Precisa, Swiss We are the first dealer of ‘CAS’ in India, since the year 2000  and also have been dealing in Sartorius make balances exclusive for Gold and Carat segment in Delhi We have also been manufacturing electronic balances in the brand name of ‘Weighdot’ since 1996 and supplied 250 number of weighing scales cum cash registers to Mother Dairy at their Fruits & Vegetable booths in Delhi & NCR. In 2005, we launched ‘Weighdot’ Gold series & in 2010 we have also started Silver balances of ‘Weighdot’ make.Recently, we have been appointed as authorized dealers of Mettler Toledo for sales to organized retail, laboratory and Industries in the territory of Delhi and NCR region.We offer wide range of electronic weighing scales with cost effective technology and reliable user friendly features to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.
Our complete range of product line 
• Precision Balances (0.01g accuracy)
• Analytical Balances (0.1mg accuracy)
• Micro, ultra Micro and Semi-micro balances (1μg, 0.1μg & 0.01mg accuracy)
• Carat balances (0.001ct accuracy)
• Electronic Weighing Scales (1 kg –10 ton)
• Moisture Balances
• Density determination kit
• Personal Weighing Scales (150kg)
• Crane scales
• Baby weighing scales
• Label Printing scale (Barcode)
• POS Scales)


We have installed jewellery balances in various aspects of jewellery trade – from the artisan who labours hard to produce a jewellery piece to big jewellery showrooms.


We give below the names of few of our esteemed jewellery customers;


M/s P C Jewellers-Delhi, Bhopal, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Lucknow; M/s Khanna Jewellers; M/s 

Tanishq; M/s Nikkamal Jewellers-Delhi, Ludhiana; M/s Blues Jewellery Co.; M/s Chain House; M/s 

Jalandhar Jewellers; M/s VIP Jewellers; M/s Kailash Jewellery Pvt.Ltd.; M/s Shree Nath Jewellers;

M/s Diamond Passion; M/s Zaveri Jewellers; M/s La Solitaire Jewels (P)Ltd; M/s Bholasons Jewellers; 

M/s Dhirsons Jewellers M/s Parth Gems; M/s Hari Shanker & Sons Jew; M/s Madho Bihari Jewellers; 

M/s Motiwala & Sons Jewellers; M/s Jain Art Jewellers; M/s Popular Jewelery Mart; M/s Ganesha 

International; M/s Nagina Jewellers;M/sRaja Gems (P) Ltd; M/s Yogmaya Diamonds; M/s Sanghvi 

Star (P) Ltd.; M/s JKJ & sons; M/s Heera Jewellers; M/s Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers and many 


We have installed our scales in many Hallmarking centres also. To name a few ;


Radiant Hallmarking; Anand Hallmarking; Siddhnath Hallmarking; Monach Hallmarking; 

P.S.Hallmarking, Meerut, AAstha Hallmarking, Delhi, Samriddhi Hallmarking, Delhi, Lakecity 

hallmarking,Udaipur, Ram Hallmarking, Bhiwani, K K Hallmarking, Rewa, Gautam Swami Labs, 


Following are the Tunch Centres where we have installed our balances for tunch purpose:


P M Tunch Centre; Vikram Tunch Centre; Multani Tunch; Vishwas Tunch and Many others.